about-victorA Georgia-born preacher’s kid, Chambers was exposed to music from a very young age and always aspired to be a great musician one day. By his early teenage years, Victor began taking music lessons from two instructors, one for classical training and the other for ear training.

Upon completing secondary education, Victor traveled to Atlanta to attend Morehouse College on a scholarship majoring in Computer Science. Meanwhile, his passion for music grew as he dabbled in music production in his freshmen dormitory and played for churches in the Metro Atlanta area.

Victor’s life took a major turn when he pursued a career on Wall Street and met his spiritual father and mentor T.R. Burns, a pastor, entrepreneur, and music producer. From there, Victor and T.R. Burns together began writing and producing what would later become Victor’s debut album, 12 Chambers of Worship.

Victor’s other releases include: Give You Praise (Single,2009); I Need Rain (Mogul Music Mixtape Vol. 1, 2012) and Free Indeed (Single, 2015).  Additionally, his features include:  In The Name of Jesus (Resse Johnson, Dancin’ With Wolves, 2014) and writing on That’s When You Love (Kenny Deshields).

Victor Chambers shares his life and passion with wife Amaryllis Chambers.  They currently reside in Jersey City, NJ.